The smart straw

Over lunch at a local little cafe today, we both lamented that food outlets automatically give out plastic straws with drinks ….. and because human beings are not programmed to think all the time, we automatically use those straws that are put in our drinks!



Which leads to the question: are drinking straws necessary

Yes…sort of.




So fact of life is, food outlets have to provide drinking straws. BUT these don’t have to be plastic. There are environmentally-friendly alternatives available to plastic single-use straws, such as paper straws and those made from plant starch. They do cost more than their plastic peers, but with widespread use, the prices will come down.

The best option, even from an economical perspective, are those that can be reused, such as stainless steel and bamboo ones.

We were delighted last night to see that the bar Outriggers Phuket uses stainless steel straws….so classy and green! Thumbs up to the resort. Cheers!

To buy your family set of stainless steel straws, please visit our Eco Store.

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