Good food from waste food

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In an ideal world, we compost our uneaten fruits and vegetables, including the peelings. But reality is not many of us have a compost heap. Food waste breaks down and emits greenhouse gases in landfills, including not only carbon dioxide (CO2) but methane (CH4) – a gas 25 times more potent than CO2.

You can buy composters (you can read a review of composters for kitchen scraps here):

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Or you can do this:

Keep a “soup bag” in the fridge and fill the with vegetable remnants. Whenever you have chicken carcass or stock bones, you can boil these up to make a really delicious, nutritious and versatile broth that you can use as a soup base or stock. You’ll never need to buy those salt-laden, mass-produced stuff again!  

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Photo: soup bag in my freezer.

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Photo: carrot and celery pulp from juicing is a wonderful soup thickener.

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Photo: simple broth.

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Photo: Gourmet soup from the simple broth made from waste food.

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