Experience the sea

Recreating the beautiful beach stuff.

The seaweed is Thongweed Phaeophyta. They grow from mushroom-shaped structures of about 1in in diameter that are attached to the rocks. Often, there are goose barnacles stuck to them (like in the picture below), forming beautiful, natural wind chimes.

Unfortunately, they dry out if they are removed from the beach, and the next best are these:

Sun catchers from sea glass.

Rocks are geological wonders, with millions of years of the earth’s history embedded in them. These are a couple of ‘ordinary’ ones, with mineralised worm tracks creating an organic pattern, and the other one is studded with barnacles.

Note that the barnacles below are different from goose barnacles; these are acorn barnacles and they are generally found further out to sea. Interesting thing about barnacles is that spend their entire lives in their conical shells. They live standing on their heads and, when the tide comes in, they open their trap doors and wave their legs in the water hoping to catch bits of plankton.

From smooth rocks, you can make these lovely ornaments which are very zen:

Some of the best jewellery are sea inspired:

or straight off the beach.

Best stretch of beach for sea glass in Southern England is Cowes-Gurnard. This piece is not ready yet, and am returning it to the sea to be tumbled for the next few months/years. I hope its next finder will enjoy its beauty.

Let’s build something together.

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